Thursday, March 10, 2011

Post #2 The American Geriatric Anthem January 2011

Background: I belong to the Garwood Seniors Club, (how about that). It came about during one year that the club dropped the age criteria to join from 62 to 55 yo. I, along with ex-Mayor McCarthy, joined. They hoped to get younger members but only got 2 since everyone in our age bracket still works and the meetings take place at noon. The next year they raised it back to 62, but Dennis and I are "grandfathered in" (pun intended). In last November's seniors mtg Hank, a gentleman of 93, suggested that at the end of the business meeting we have a morale boosting session where someone either tells jokes, a story, show and tell, whatever. Hank proceeded to tell an off color joke and got the laughs. For the January GW Seniors meeting I came up with a parody song called "The Amercian Geriatric Anthem". I wrote the lyrics to the music of "America, The Beautiful". I handed out the songsheets and Patsy, Hank and myslef led the seniors in singing it, accompanied by the harmonica played by Gene. We all had a great time singing it, and some said they are mailing the song to their friends out of state so it's going national. Herewith the song for you to sing:

The American Geriatric Anthem
Sung to the tune of the “America The Beautiful” (Oh Beautiful, for spacious skies)
Words by Bruce Paterson Garwood, NJ 12/29/10

We’re beautiful
With spacious thighs
Our amber waves turned gray.
For purple bruises everywhere
Above the aches and pains

High blood pressure
Hope Lipitor can cure
Found cataracts in both the eyes
We’re growing old for sure.

(2nd verse)

We’re beautiful
And age old wise
All cures found in a pill

Our walkers shine with chrome divine
We move around at will

Oh Medicare
will pay our share!
Our grandkids call each week
And everyday we exercise.
Retired life is sweet!

(PS: of course we will all know what this song is about, sooner than we think).

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