Thursday, March 10, 2011

Post #4 Beautiful Garwood Song March 2011

A tribute to Garwood from the Garwood Senior’s Club:

Beautiful Garwood
Sung to the tune of “Beautiful Dreamer” (Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me)-music by Stephen Foster
Lyrics by Bruce Paterson, Garwood, NJ 3/10/11

Beautiful Garwood,
Small Town, Big Heart.
You’re always on my mind when we’re apart.

Travels may take me
To places somewhere.
T’Our humble boro they just can’t compare.

(Dame Henrietta- Soloist)…………

Tucked between Cranford
And Westfield nearby
Our fondness for Garwood brings tears to our eye

(All together again)…….
Beautiful Garwood
Green trees surround
People like you and I grace this great town…(repeat last line)…
People like you and I grace this great town.

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